Shopping Destinations In Varanasi For Unique Purchases

If you are visiting Varanasi, there’s no way you can go back home without bags filled with goodies. So, check out these places for shopping in Varanasi for some amazing buys and delectable eats. By Anushka Goel

Varanasi is a popular travel destination for tourists from India and abroad. The destination offers a spiritual sojourn for many, who come here to seek solace and reconnect with themselves. Varanasi is also known for its many ghats, where one can offer prayers to the Gods. What’s also worth witnessing here is the Ganga arti, and the bylanes offer delicious street food.

Varansi also has a lot of places to shop at. Be it religious symbols, sweets such as peda, gangajal or Benarasi silk, the city has a lot to offer to shoppers. So, in case you are visiting, do head to these places for shopping in Varanasi for some exquisite buys!

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Shopping in Varanasi for some unusual buys

Thatheri Bazar

Thatheri Bazar is among the most popular markets in Varanasi. Popular for its religious artefacts made from copper, the bazar is also among the only places where you can get antiques decorated with stone trim work. You can also shop for brocades and silks here, something that Varanasi is known for.

What to shop for: Brass, copper, antiques, religious artefacts

Vishwanath Galli

Vishwanath Galli is among the best places for shopping in Varanasi. The market is known for its many bangles, dupattas and sarees. People come here to check out fabric, and shoppers can also bargain for the best prices with the roadside vendors! What’s more, churans or digestives are also sold here, which make for great souvenirs as well as household pantry item must-keeps.

What to shop for: Designer bangles, wooden toys, dupattas, fabrics

Godowlia Market

A must-visit shopping destination in Varanasi, Godowlia Market is always bustling with shoppers. It is a must-visit for quirky home decor buys, and is also known for its hardware and cloth materials.

What to shop for: Home decor, clothes

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Hathua Market

The popular shopping area in Varanasi is located in an enclosed space. The place sells cloth, among other things, and is a great destination to visit for those on a budget.

What to shop for: Cloth


Among the main markets in Varanasi, Golghar is the go-to market for people – tourists and locals alike – for most essentials. The place also houses gift items, making it great for souvenir shopping.

What to shop for: footwear, clothing, home decor, gifts


Among the most bustling market areas, Gyanvapi is a great place for shopping in Varanasi. The market is known for its beautiful shawls, bangles, masks of deities and a lot more. The wares, in bright colours and unique patterns, will draw you in instantly! The market also sells stunning lampshades for you to take back home.

What to shop for: Lampshades, shawls, bangles

Hero and Featured Image: Courtesy of Srivatsan Balaji/Unsplash

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