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A 24-year-old Shruti Prasad works very hard at a law firm in Mumbai. She woke up one day and realised that a lot had changed in her during the pandemic. It taught her how she wants to put herself first and she realised one way to achieve that is by travelling and seeing the world. A trip to Europe with her girl gang was her dream but she never really tried hard for it. This time she took things in her hand and they fell in place easily with Lufthansa German Airlines.

Did you know a recent survey revealed that agents found Europe to be the most popular destination for women? Yes, a full-fledged girls’ trip to Europe comes with its own set of concerns, budget being the primary one. Flight tickets are one of the major expenditures for the entire trip; booking them months in advance helps in saving a surplus amount. Women too want their money to run the longer mile and have been saving money early on before turning 30 so they can plan their trip without major hiccups. With flights, hotels, transportation, food, activities, souvenirs and miscellaneous other expenditures, the dire need to save for all of it cultivates months ahead of the trip. With changing times, the way we travel has also changed, and innovatively so. 

 The girlfriend getaway market – which refers to women travelling with female friends – comprises over $200 million a year and is picking up pace becoming a popular theme for female travellers across the world. Women love to take trips with each other, keeping aside their solo travel, for getaways or bachelorette trips. By eliminating some excessive spending and cutting back on small expenses, friend groups manage to save thousands of dollars in a considerable period to finance their goal: a trip around Europe.  

 Travel before and amidst the pandemic 

The pandemic changed the way we travel in more ways than one. However, travelling when the pandemic has not completely wiped off the surface of the earth, surely takes additional measures to plan an entire trip. With multiple options available, women are now looking for the best, most feasible ones. 

The expensive dream of a far-flung international adventure is doable now, with airline carriers like Lufthansa German Airlines helping women realise this dream. Various options for setting flight rate alerts, keeping the flight rates on hold, and paying days later than the original booking made, make Lufthansa German Airlines a preferred option. Regarding the rebooking options, in case of emergencies, the airline carrier offers several options for travellers to skim through and decide at their convenience. Considering an all-girls trip, Lufthansa German Airlines’ services come in handy when it comes to hassle-free travel. 

With their innovative policies and assistance, Lufthansa German Airlines has changed the flying experience for women travellers 

Lufthansa German Airlines’ attempts to make travel safer, comfortable and affordable for women have gone up a notch with their new policies designed for women travellers. Creating additional communication tools for women flying to the European Union (EU), the airline has initiated to address travel and lifestyle content that is especially interesting to this target audience.

Travelling to Europe comes with not just one round trip but usually, several additional flights, train rides, car rentals, and changes of accommodation, as and how you plan your trip within the country. Well, Lufthansa German Airlines has got you covered. The airline’s policies and assistance to help plan your routes make it accommodating and affordable to plan. Not just this, Lufthansa German Airlines has also begun its student offer for journeys originating from India, called the student fare. Thus, emerging as one of the best travel options due to its connectivity and the luxury it offers.

Lufthansa German Airlines’ travel id and digital services options make way for an organised journey for women who do not have to worry about constant check-in and document verification. The Lufthansa digital app is a personal travel assistant, that solves a lot of problems for female travellers. With the carrier’s primary focus on the safety and reliability of its flight operations, women travellers find Lufthansa German Airlines the most convenient and trustworthy. 

In the past decade, with women becoming more of a recognised force in business and leisure travel, and bridging welcoming shifts in the travel industry with solo and all-girls group travel, Lufthansa German Airlines is determined to work hard to support them, now more than ever, and therefore, it seems like the most promising option for the next girls’ trip.

The article has been published in collaboration with Lufthansa German Airlines.

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