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Our digital cover star, actor-activist Swara Bhasker is much more than what meets the eye. Her latest movie Jahaan Chaar Yaar, shows her in the role of a overworked homemaker out with her girl gang on a trip to Goa. The movie breaks many stereotypes and sends across a strong message. The actor speaks to Travel + Leisure India and South Asia about her ‘unusual’ girls trip movie, the perils of being famous, and how travel can be a powerful tool to constrain hateBy Chirag Mohanty Samal

Actor-activist Swara Bhasker, doesn’t hold back when it comes to sharing her opinion or calling out a spade. Her Twitter bio reads: “A lot less exciting than I seem on Twitter” but that isn’t true and I sense it the moment I meet her at Trident Jaipur for our digital cover shoot.  

Swara Bhasker emanates a casual and relaxed vibe that immediately puts you at ease. Starry airs are starkly missing. Further, I am surprised by her eagerness to try out new things as she excitedly listens to the stylist who takes her through the outfits for the day. It is this penchant for doing thing differently that got her Jahan Chaar Yaar, a comic caper about four friends on an all-girls trip to Goa, where she plays an overworked homemaker–the quintessential doormat. A role, you wouldn’t usually associate with the feisty and fearless Bhasker. But her convincing portrayal of the character makes you aware of her superlative acting chops. 

As we get talking about movies and travel (two things that she loves doing), she opens up about her offscreen activities and onscreen roles, her struggles as an outlier in Bollywood, the perils of being famous, and how travel can be a powerful tool to change people’s perspective.  

Excerpts from the interview with Swara Bhasker

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